Summer Camp 2020

We are very happy that, after three long months, our school can open its doors again and our classrooms and educational spaces will once again be full of energy and joy, thanks to the celebration of the Summer Camp, which will take place between June 22nd and July 24th. Unfortunately, due to new social distancing regulations and the limited number of places available, the camp will only be open to students from the school, but for all those families who trust us every July, we hope to see you next summer!

The camp, which will be held only in the morning with extended hours, will be taught mostly in English by our teaching staff, with a focus on speaking and listening rather than reading and writing, and with a high component of fun artistic and creative activities.


Globeducate Summer Programme

Likewise, students from Coruña British School will be able to apply for the online summer programme developed by Globeducate, a joint initiative in which all the schools in the group participate and all those from the large Globeducate family will benefit. In total, our students will be able to take part in more than 10 projects adapted to all ages, as well as the fantastic GetFit physical preparation programme, developed by our teacher Mr D. for the youngest students (from 4 to 8 years old) and great discounts for summer courses in prestigious institutions for the older ones.


Happy summer to you all!


22 / 06 / 20