Visit to Santa Cruz Castle

Our Reception students went this week on a guided tour of the Santa Cruz Castle, they had a fascinating walk around the historical, cultural and natural heritage of our region.

In the surroundings of the castle, located on an island, we can find an ecosystem of great autochthonous wealth. We found different elements on the way too, such as a statue of marine garbage, composting points and interpretive panels which made us think about the need to care for and protect our natural heritage, for the welfare of our society.


A natural wealth that is combined with the peculiar history of Santa Cruz Castle, which during the last four centuries was and is a defense bastion of A Coruña city: from the naval attacks of the English corsairs, the defense of culture through the writer Emilia Pardo Bazán, owner of the island and the defense of the environment, through the Center for Environmental Education (CEIDA).

The objectives of the visit were met. We learnt a lot about the history of this castle and the historical people who have lived in it over the years and about the importance of protecting and caring for our natural environment!

26 / 04 / 19