Family Events

Family and home are a child’s primary social and learning environments, and parents and carers are a child’s primary teachers and transmitters of the values that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. For this reason, we believe that active cooperation between home and school, and joining together to participate in shared activities, plays an essential role in the educative process, for students, parents, siblings and the school community as a whole.

At Coruña British International School we organise a series of events that are open to the friends and family and which support our educational philosophy and values. These events provide an opportunity for pupils, teachers, families, support staff and the wider community to join together, create some memories and have some fun!

Educational Innovation Days

The British Education system is respected worldwide for its academic scope and established success rates, and is a dynamic and innovative educational model. Our Educational Innovation Days are designed to enable us to share techniques and experiences that have been successfully applied in the classroom and to discuss and evaluate new strategies and methodologies. These events are aimed at educational professionals and interested parents, both from within our own school community and from other external agencies.


Science Day

During Science Day our classrooms and facilities will become a leisure park for the whole family with Science as the protagonist. Activities, workshops and talks for all audiences in a day full of learning and fun, also for the youngest ones, with activities for children from the age of 2 onwards. Entrance is free and open to everyone. Are you going to miss it?


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