Primary Education

Throughout Primary we work with our pupils to establish the positive learning habits and general values that they will build on as they move through the school. At Coruña British International School we encourage pupils to become more independent, develop critical thinking skills, to take initiative and to act responsibly. We highlight the importance of collective values such as cooperation, teamwork, compassion, respect and tolerance and focus on specific skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution and the ability to make thoughtful, reasoned decisions.

In Primary we work to develop the foundations laid down during Early Years, focusing on the following areas:

  • All-round development of the whole student, with the ability to think critically, form their own opinions and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Personal tutors create a secure and stable learning environment and ensure good communication with families.
  • Development of study plans and problem-solving strategies to help manage issues arising in or outside the classroom.
  • Linguistic immersion in English and Spanish. Galician is introduced at the beginning of primary level.
  • Creativity. We encourage creativity at all curricular stages. Our arts and music courses offer countless opportunities for our students to explore and develop their creative skills.
  • Sport. A focus on sport and well-being encourages our students to stay fit and healthy, develop their physical skills and promotes values such as teamwork, cooperation, fair play and leadership.


“I like this school because I like writing and listening to stories, I like playing with my friends and I like the teachers very much.”

Lara De Justo

Year 1 student

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