School Services

At Coruña British International School we provide a range of services over and above the standard curriculum, which are designed to help families reconcile the requirements of home and school and to make the practicalities of the school day a little easier.

Educational Psychology Department

Our Educational Psychology Department is staffed by highly-qualified professionals, with extensive experience in in child psychology, learning processes, behaviour and child development. Our Educational Psychology Department specialises in the following:

  • Working with parents and students to identify specific educational needs and develop strategies for optimal progress.
  • Evaluating the most appropriate techniques to ensure that children with special educational needs achieve their maximum potential.
  • Working on specific cognitive skills with smaller groups of children.
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Dining room

At Coruña British International School we have our own kitchens, with menus designed daily by our professional chefs and kitchen personnel and supervised by a qualified nutritionist. Our dining room service offers alternative menus to cater for a wide range of specific dietary requirements for health or religious reasons. A vegetarian menu is also available every day, and the dining room is open in the mornings for pupils who wish to join our Breakfast Club. Our dining room also helps us to encourage our pupils to adopt good table manners, to reinforce the importance of correct and polite behaviour at mealtimes and to develop good eating habits.

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At Coruña British International School we offer a transport service covering A Coruña city and Oleiros. The bus service offers three routes to the school and back, with return trips at both 16:00 hours and 17:00 hours to ensure that children involved in extracurricular activities after school can also use the service. An assistant is always present on every bus and, in addition to the children who use the service every day, the bus service is also available for children who only require the service intermittently, from the specified stops on each route.

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Extended hours service

We understand that every family has their own commitments and routines and that it can be difficult to juggle modern-day schedules around the beginning and end of a traditional school day. Therefore, at Coruña British International School we offer an extended hours service in the mornings and after school: Breakfast Club opens at 08:00 hours and After-School Club runs from 16:00 to 17:00 hours.



The Coruña British International School uniform can be purchased either from the school shop or from the School Uniform department at El Corte Ingles department store.


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