School Facilities

Bright, spacious classrooms

Recreational areas

Symbolic play zones

Infant playpark

Indoor swimming pool

Covered sports area

Basketball court

Dance studio

Our A Zapateira site incorporates modern school buildings measuring approximately 1500 m², which are carefully designed to cater for all our pupils’ educational needs. Our buildings are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

For the 2018/2019 cohort, in response to the ever-growing educational needs of our students, a new building known as the “Learning Hub” was opened on the A Zapateira site. The Learning Hub comprises four new classrooms for our older children, a library, a learning support room and a technology space.

Part of the roof at the rear of the building is constructed from glass, which allows natural light to flood into the teaching spaces. The area incorporates a new recreational zone, including a football pitch, basketball court and an adventure playground, furnished with lots of natural wood and an amazing slide that runs down the middle of the slope.

In September 2020 the new Culleredo Campus will be inaugurated, which will accommodate students from 8 to 18 years old, whilst the A Zapateira campus will continue to be used for pupils from Early Years to Year 2. These facilities are purpose-built and designed to cater for the specific educational and social needs of each age group, and to create a well-organised and happy learning environment.

Classrooms and other spaces

Our classrooms are bright, spacious and fully equipped to cater for the specific needs of each educational stage. Our purpose-built facilities provide the perfect environment for our pupils to achieve their full academic and personal potential. The ample size of the learning spaces allows us to segregate them into different zones where children can pursue various activities, including comfortable seating areas for reading and quiet time, individual and group study zones, spaces for assemblies, games and play, etc. Our facilities are modern and adapted to meet the curricular, extracurricular and recreational needs of all our students, including a multi-sports area, a greenhouse, and numerous creative and recreational play areas.


Sports facilities

Sport and physical activity play a key role in the British curriculum and we believe that an understanding of a fit and healthy lifestyle forms an essential part of an all-round education. With this in mind, our school offers a range of excellent sporting facilities including an indoor swimming pool, a basketball court, a covered sports area and a dance studio, enabling our students to develop their physical skills and to enjoy a wide variety of sports, games and physical activities.


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