Tomorrow Friday the 18th of March 2016 we have a charitable event at Coruña British School which will also serve as a school community get-together. This will be Easter Cup Cake Day. Parents and families of our children will be visiting their child’s classroom between 3 and 4pm and will share cupcakes with the class. They will also be able to see the classroom displays from the term.

Those who wish can also donate to the Arco Iris charity. Ms Vasallo, a TA in Coruna British School, spent 8 months as a volunteer in this orphanage which was founded to improve the lives of over 20 children who have suffered poverty, illness, family or psychological problems during their lives. The charity also guarantees these children an education. The most important aim of Arco Iris is to give these children the opportunity of growing up and maturing and choosing the future they want.

Arco Iris is located in Iquitos, a town which Ms Vasallo tells us is in the north of Peru, very close to where the Amazon begins. The location makes reaching this town difficult and is one of the main reasons that it is so poor. Educational and job opportunities are drastically low and many children start work very young and leave school without qualifications.

17 / 03 / 16