Álvaro Bilbao brings together more than 400 attendees at his online talk

The renowned neuropsychologist Álvaro Bilbao visited three cities in the North East of Spain at the same time last Thursday, 24th February, gathering more than 400 people in what was the first joint event of the three British and international schools of Globeducate in Spain; O Castro, Coruña and St. George’s British International Schools, located in the cities of Vigo, A Coruña and Bilbao respectively.

A resounding success for the first joint event of this cluster, which makes itself known in their respective communities with an exciting event that had Álvaro Bilbao as the protagonist for a single reason: the methodology and the educational project of the British International Schools of Globeducate, our umbrella brand, share many of his postulates.

“We believe in the individuality of each child and that is why we offer a personalised education; we are certain that each student is unique and has their own abilities, skills and strengths, and our greatest aspiration is to help our students to bring out the best version of themselves”, explained the Coordinator of the Special Educational Needs Department at Coruña British School, Alejandra Vasallo.

Emotional Education, framed within the Pastoral Care of the British educational system, occupies a fundamental place in the British educational project. “It is the base from which to start building the house so that learning can flow properly”, says the Executive Head of the two Galician schools in the cluster, O Castro and Coruña British International School, Mr. Dominic Abbott.

This involves not only making children feel good, but, above all, providing them with the tools they need to deal with their emotions and face the challenges and opportunities they will encounter throughout their educational journey, and their lives.

British educational philosophy

And all of this is closely linked to the four fundamental pillars of the British schools’ educational philosophy, Enrich, Challenge, Shape and Achieve, “which lead to a common goal, to enrich and challenge our students so that they can achieve success in their own way and, above all, help shape a better future”, explained the Headmaster of the Bilbao school, Juan Martorell.

Building Better Brains

It is common knowledge that the brain is an organ that responds to stimuli. Neuroscience suggests that an enriched environment can support better brain development. However, what does this statement mean? How can we respond to these stimuli that are so necessary for a better brain development of our children? What tools are necessary for a complete intellectual and emotional education? What are the black spots in the brain management of the child? What are the key areas of emotional development? What strategies can we implement to enhance them?

In his speech, which lasted for an hour and a half, Álvaro Bilbao gave answers to all these questions, which allowed both parents and educators present to internalise clear and useful ideas about the functioning and development of children’s brains.

We would like to thank all the people who made this first cluster event a resounding success, and especially our star guest, Álvaro Bilbao, for such an interesting talk.

06 / 04 / 21