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Coruña British International School is the foremost British school in the city. Our pupils follow the prestigious British National Curriculum, not only because of its excellent academic reputation, but also because it provides a dynamic, innovative and constantly evolving educational model, with numerous opportunities for both academic and personal development.

We offer a personalised education. Each student is unique and learns at a different pace and in different ways; this requires us to make continual improvements and to employ a variety of educational techniques adapted to the learning style and personal characteristics of each student.

Our objective is to develop well-rounded individuals, competent in science, technology, humanities and the arts, constantly striving for academic excellence. The educational programme that we offer provides the opportunity to achieve internationally renowned academic qualifications and the chance to apply to the world’s top universities.

We believe it is essential to establish a strong, proactive and cooperative bond between the school and our pupils’ families. The well-being and personal and academic development of all our pupils is at the heart of our approach and with this in mind we encourage open, positive and ongoing home-school communication.

A Letter from the Head of School

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our teachers and our excellent facilities, pupils at Coruña British International School are happy, enthusiastic and well-motivated. Our students are constantly encouraged to be the best they can be and the school provides all the resources necessary to ensure an excellent education. Our purpose-built learning spaces are carefully designed to promote the integral and all-round development of our students at every stage of their education, and our primary goal is to provide every student with their optimal learning environment. Coruña British International School is a quiet, family-friendly, supportive school, and we collaborate closely with parents and families, to ensure that our pupils achieve their academic and personal goals.

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Our History

Coruña British International School opened its doors in September 2015. It is the first British school in A Coruña city, and follows in the footsteps of our sister school in southern Galicia, O Castro British International School, the first British School in the province of Galicia established in Vigo in 2008. We are accredited by the Galician Government, the British Council and by the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS). In 2017 both Coruña and O Castro British Schools joined the Globeducate Group, a leading global education provider, who own and operate more than 50 schools located throughout nine countries worldwide.

Our history

Our Team

The teaching staff at Coruña British International School is comprised of highly-qualified and experienced educators. We employ native English-speaking and bilingual professionals with extensive experience in schools in the United Kingdom and in International Schools from around the world.

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At Coruña British International School we are committed to building a caring, supportive and inclusive community, based upon our core values, and encouraging our pupils to understand the importance of dedicating time and effort to improving, enriching and caring for the world around them.

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Our Group: Globeducate

In September 2017 our school became a member of the Globeducate Group, one of the top five education providers in the world, with more than 50 schools located throughout nine countries worldwide. Globeducate’s overall philosophy is built upon four core principles; Educational Excellence, Global Readiness, A Values-based Education and “More than just a School”, the idea that Globeducate schools should offer more than just a basic academic education, integrating a full programme of arts, music and sports into the curriculum and contributing to the all-round development of Globeducate students worldwide.

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Our Blog provides regularly updated information about what’s going on at the school, and includes news about activities, projects, events, media presence and much more. Our News and Blog pages will provide you with all the information that you need to keep abreast of daily life at Coruña British International School.

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“In addition to the fact that Coruña British School is a 100% British school, what we like the most is that our daughters come to class happy every morning and are excited to see their teachers, learn and have fun. There is nothing better for parents than to leave their children at school happy every morning!

The dedication of the teaching staff and the school management is total, as seen in each of the students, as we can also see in the parent consultations. The school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and very interesting school trips and excursions.

The dining room service, with its own kitchen, where the food is prepared daily, also stands out for its organisation: each child is correctly identified with their photograph, which is especially reassuring for parents with children with special nutritional needs.

In short, the involvement, effort and commitment shown every day by the school team means that we are more and more confident that we have made the right school choice for our daughters.”

Rodrigo Cuesta Obregón

Year 4 student father

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