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Mindfulness to regain full attention

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Immersed in a time of constant distraction, rushing and stress, mindfulness invites children, educators and parents to practice breathing and relaxation with one objective: to recover our capacity for mindfulness. Educating from within is an essential task, because this is how children internalise who they are and who they can become. A conscious and fulfilling […]

Empowering their STEM skills

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“We cannot sustain an innovative economy unless we have people who are well trained in science, mathematics and engineering,” Bill Gates. When we talk about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) skills, we beforehand refer to the most important fields in the face of an increasingly technological future. Robotisation, the paradigm of technological development and […]

The 8 key points of a British education

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The British educational system is one of the most prestigious in the world. This is why in recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of students from outside the UK enrolling in British schools and Universities in search of a quality, future-orientated education, such as that provided at Coruña British International […]

Education Talk

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The renowned neuropsychologist Álvaro Bilbao visited three cities in the North East of Spain at the same time last Thursday, 24th February, gathering more than 400 people in what was the first joint event of the three British and international schools of Globeducate in Spain; O Castro, Coruña and St. George’s British International Schools, located […]

Retirement of our founder

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“Pioneer in the implementation of a more diverse, open and innovative educational model to which their environment was accustomed. An example for those who, without a clear vision of what to do, or simply what they want to become, can achieve what they set out to do. Today we remember, honour and congratulate the rigour, […]

Food Donated

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Earlier this month we launched the H.O.P.E. (Help One Person Eat) campaign, and we couldn’t be more proud of the response of the whole educational community. The food donated was collected by the Banco de Alimentos de A Coruña on Tuesday, 22nd December, which they will distribute to the most disadvantaged people in our area. […]

Advice from our Nurses

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We are living a delicate moment regarding the evolution of the pandemic, added to which we are entry into the months of November and December, and with them the inevitable arrival of the flu. Although there are many elements that come into play, such as the luck factor, responsibility, respect and strict hygiene and protection […]


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One of the most important aspects of learning to read and write in English is the Phonics method, which is used at Coruña British School from the first school year (3 years). This method, the Phonics method, teaches the sounds of words and their relationship to how a word is spelt. It is a global, […]

House System

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This academic year, York is the winning House, so our York students enjoyed a funny day last Monday at Spring Alvedro. Just like in the Harry Potter saga, in Coruña British School we have a System of Houses with which we intend to foster a sense of community. All students belong to a House, with their own captains and […]

Science Day 2019

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The first British school in A Coruña celebrated the first edition of its Science Day with a success of influx, bringing together more than three hundred people in its premises in A Zapateira. Science, creativity and inventiveness gathered to offer a family leisure alternative for the whole family, with activities designed for the youngest (+ […]

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