More than just a school

Students at Coruña British International School receive a broad, balanced and personalised education in which subjects such as music, sport and the creative arts play an essential role. These three disciplines encourage cognitive, creative and social development and help to develop and improve transferable skills such as concentration, memory, sensitivity, creativity and sensory development, which are beneficial to our students in so many other areas of their lives. Participation in physical activity and sport promotes teamwork, self-discipline, friendship, respect and cooperation, in addition to an awareness of physical fitness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Sport, Music and the arts are an important and integral factor in daily life at Coruña British School and play an essential part in the all-round educational development of our students.


The Music programme at Coruña British International School is designed to provide an inspiring experience of musical theory and practice with a view to engendering a love of music that we hope our students will carry with them throughout their lives.

  • Students learn to play one or more musical instruments.
  • Participate in concerts.
  • Develop sensitivity and self-discipline.
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Coruña British International School has an indoor swimming pool and a range of sporting facilities available to encourage our students to develop their physical skills and improve their general levels of fitness. Active participation in sport and physical activity help our students to:

  • Develop physical skills, improve fitness and nurture sporting talent.
  • Participate in and acquire an understanding of different sports, games and activities.
  • Foster individual values such as determination, perseverance and self-discipline.
  • Promote team values such as leadership, communication skills, cooperation and fair play.
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Creative Arts

Our creative arts programmes are designed to encourage our students to explore and develop their creative skills, artistic sensibility and self-expression and engender significant and long-term cognitive and personal advantages.

  • Students learn different forms of self-expression via a range of creative activities.
  • The development of artistic, creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Arts subjects promote concentration, empathy and the ability to view the world from a different perspective.
  • Students can participate in local and international artistic competitions.
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“For me, CBS is much more than a school,. The familiar feel of the school and the teachers make you feel like you are part of a community. In day to day, my children are super happy. They are well cared for, high level of English and education, fun tasks with weekly projects, assemblies, plays, trips to museums and a great variety of extracurricular activities. Children learn in a multicultural environment, and I am convinced that following this model will enrich them enormously and will offer them Great Opportunities in the future.”

Cris Díaz

Year 3 Parent

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