Multilingual education

Immersion in English

Classes in Spanish, French and Galician

German and Chinese as extracurricular activities

Exchange programmes and international events

Globeducate multicultural events

Our mission at Coruña British International School, is to prepare our pupils to take their place at the heart of today’s international community. From their first day at Coruña, children are immersed in the English language and experience has taught us that this is the fastest and easiest way for students to become confident and fluent English-speakers. Spanish, French and Galician also form an integral part of our curriculum.

Complete linguistic immersion from the earliest possible age is the easiest and most natural way to become fluent in any language. At Coruña British International School, from Early Years onwards we focus on developing and improving language and communication skills. As the children learn to read, we introduce a structured system of Phonics, that helps to simplify the complexities of reading, spelling and writing in English.

Pupils at Globeducate are invited to participate in a wide range of exchange programmes, trips and cultural visits to Ireland, France and the U.K. Children aged from 10 to 16 years can choose to spend a memorable summer in England at one of our sister schools, Stonar School, at their amazing residential Summer School. Children in Year 10 and above get the chance to spend one or two terms, or an entire academic year boarding at Stonar School.

As part of the Globeducate group our pupils get the unique opportunity to participate in international events organised by NACE, meeting other young people from around the world and practising their language skills. These events include:

  • Globeducate Model United Nations
  • Globeducate Academic Olympiad
  • Globeducate International Music Festival
  • Globeducate Olympics Games
  • Globeducate Arts Competition


“I love my school because I am learning so many things. I didn’t speak a word of English before I came and now I can understand and write everything!”

Carlotta R Oliveria

Year 4 student

Aviso Legal