Technological innovation

In today’s world a confident grasp of technology is essential for success in most walks of life, and in order to help our students to understand these technologies, and to use them safely and effectively, technology also plays a fundamental role in the life of school. Today’s technologies offer a wide range of educational applications which, when used appropriately, can be an excellent resource for learning. Our students learn coding, which teaches them problem-solving skills and encourages them to think creatively and learn independently. A huge range of teaching and learning technologies are currently available and play a significant and integral part of daily life in today’s world.

Computer Science

Computer Science forms part of the curriculum at Coruña British International School from Early Years onwards. Pupils are introduced to programming and coding during Early Years and Primary, and teachers use a range of computer-based tasks, activities and games to explore the infinite possibilities for learning offered by today’s technologies. Children are encouraged to understand the importance of learning the essential technical skills that play such a significant role in today’s society.


Creative Technology

The development of creative skills and the ability to think “outside the box” forms a key part of the curriculum at Coruña British International School, and we use various technological applications and activities to encourage our students to explore their creativity and think independently. We offer “Robotics” as an extracurricular activity, which provides pupils with the opportunity to learn how to program robots to perform small tasks, combining the development of technological and scientific skills with creative, decision-making and problem-solving challenges.


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