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The desire to learn is one of the cornerstones of Globeducate’ educational vision and this philosophy applies to our staff as well as to our students. Staff training programmes enable our teachers to continue to develop professionally as their careers progress, and we encourage the entire school community to embrace learning as a lifelong process. Ongoing staff training enables our teachers to stay at the forefront of educational thinking, enabling us to continually update our teaching and learning strategies, to optimise resources and to meet the individual needs and abilities of every student, in order to prepare them for the challenges that they will encounter in their future personal, academic and professional lives.

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At Globeducate we believe that the whole educational community should be involved in an active and continuous learning process, and so our teachers regularly participate in workshops and training sessions on a wide range of topics such as Emotional Intelligence, New Technologies or Assertive Discipline. All teachers employed by Globeducate participate in an initiative called Impact in the Classroom, during which teachers share and discuss the most effective tools and strategies available for increasing their impact on student learning.

Staff at Globeducate also get the opportunity to participate in the Learning Coaches scheme, which provides teachers with specific training in educational coaching. Learning Coaches then act as mentors for other teachers and colleagues, providing support, guidance and motivation. Professional development and classroom practice are monitored and optimised by means of a quality control system specific to Globeducate entitled Globeducate Platinum Standard which develops, evaluates, supports and improves teacher performance.

Continual staff training – Impact on learning

Globeducate organise regular training sessions for all members of their staff. Teachers at Coruña British International school participate in Impact on Learning training workshops, which encourage teachers to explore and share practical strategies and teaching techniques that impact positively on student learning. The workshops include training sessions on topic such as The Role of Questions, Motivation and Challenge in the classroom, Systematic Monitoring of Pupil Progress and the Importance of Feedback.



In 2017, as part of their commitment to educational excellence, Globeducate introduced the Educational Coaching initiative, a tool which enables teachers from throughout the Globeducate group to train as Coaches with the objective of supporting and guiding their colleagues as they strive for professional excellence. We employ teachers who are passionate about their work and who are constantly discovering new educational strategies to improve their classroom practice. Our teachers, as well as our students, subscribe to the same philosophy: Be the best you can be!


Globeducate Platinum Standard: Constantly improving

In order to ensure continual development and improvement, Globeducate has implemented a framework throughout all its schools known as the Globeducate Platinum Standard, which is designed to monitor and improve the performance of all the schools in the group in order to guarantee Educational Excellence. The Globeducate Platinum Standard helps each school to assess the quality of the education they offer, based upon best educational practice from around the world. The programme provides a set of quality indicators and a framework for improvement in areas such as Effective Leadership, Quality of Teaching and Student Progress and Well-being.

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“Ever since I was welcomed into the CBS family, I knew that it was going to be a special place. For me, it is not just a school, but also a community in which everyone grows and develops alongside each other. Children are enthusiastic learners, striving to discover who they are in this ever-changing world. This thirst for learning is evident on their faces each day, whether they are being enthralled by their science experiment or absorbed by the creative way that English is being taught to them.

Teachers equip each other, working collaboratively to ensure that the experience for every child is unique and catered specifically to them. They genuinely care, going above and beyond to attend to not only their academic needs, but to their social, emotional and developmental needs as well. All of this combines to create an electric learning environment, and one that I am proud to be a part of.”

Kerryn Koh

Year 2 Teacher

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