At Coruña British International School our aim is for students to learn and progress in the most efficient and effective way possible. We encourage students to participate actively in class, to develop critical and analytical thinking skills, work effectively in group and team situations, debate thoughtfully and respectfully, and to value hard work, self-discipline and effort. Students are taught how to organise themselves and how to take responsibility for their own learning, an essential skill as they move on from the structure of the school environment. Learning how to learn is the first step on an educational journey that we hope will last a lifetime.

Motivation and Challenge

When work is stimulating and appropriately challenging, student learn faster and more effectively. Our excellent teaching staff provide our students with a wide range of exciting, innovative and interactive learning experiences. Each area of the school is carefully designed to encourage pupils to develop specific skill sets; in the science laboratories our pupils learn objective, scientific, critical and analytical skills, and out and about around the school we encourage them to become environmentally aware and to develop and love and respect for nature. Cultural and sporting excursions and trips provide our pupils with additional opportunities to learn art, history, culture and to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world around them.


Focusing on the Individual

Our teachers use their skills, experience and the resources available to them to ensure that every student achieves their maximum potential. A wide variety of teaching and learning strategies are employed to ensure that every student gets the opportunity to work in a way that is suited to their learning style. Students are taught via project-based and research tasks, receive direct instruction and one-to-one teacher tutorials, develop critical, analytical and problem-solving skills, and have access to a wide variety of new technologies.


Cooperative Learning

Teamwork forms the basis of cooperative learning, which is why communication and social interaction forms part of our students’ daily life and is a key factor in their all-round development. Working in this way our students learn how to empathise and work cooperatively with others to achieve shared goals.


Critical thinking

At Coruña British International School, we are committed to encouraging our students to “learn how to learn” and to become intellectually independent. From Early Years onwards students are taught how to think critically, rationally and creatively and to become confident and self-sufficient learners. Throughout every Key Stage our pupils are encouraged to develop skills that enable them to research effectively, examine and evaluate information and to think “outside the box”. We want our students to become intellectually curious, self-motivated individuals able to cultivate and develop their own ideas both in and outside the classroom.


Evaluation and feedback for learning

At Coruña British International School, the process of student assessment and evaluation is constantly evolving and we believe that effective and appropriate evaluation is crucial for successful learning. Our teachers employ a wide range of assessment strategies to evaluate student progress, including correction, analysis and feedback of students’ work, classroom observation and personal and group tutorials. The information obtained during the assessment process enables teachers to identify the most appropriate way forward for each student and to adapt individual teaching and learning strategies to ensure that each child can progress as quickly and successfully as possible.



“Having taught in a primary school in England for several years, I was ready for a change and new challenges. I knew when I first stepped foot into CBS a year and a half ago that this was the school for me. With its warm, welcoming and friendly feel I immediately felt at home here. Walking around the school you are greeted with happy faces all around from both the staff and children.

The dedicated and passionate staff create a challenging, yet exciting curriculum which the children approach with enthusiasm day in, day out. 

CBS is a school where children feel safe, loved and valued. Each child is treated as an individual – they can share their own thoughts and ideas and their opinions matter.  For me the most rewarding part of the job is watching the children grow in confidence, in particular with their English. I am proud to be a teacher at CBS – teaching the children to become lifelong learners as well as learning from them.”

Nicola Jeken

Reception teacher

Aviso Legal