Educational Excellence

At Coruña British International School our goal is to prepare our students to live successfully within today’s global community, and Educational Excellence plays a key part in achieving this end. Our teachers undergo continual professional training in order to ensure that they have access to the most appropriate teaching techniques and strategies conceived to bring out the best in each student, give them the specific help and guidance that they need, identify their strengths and weaknesses and help them to achieve their maximum personal and academic potential.

We work hard with all our students, including the youngest members of our school community, to educate ethical young people with good study habits and well developed cognitive, communicative, creative, physical and social skills. Ultimately we will offer a full and balanced curriculum designed to provide an all-round education, all the way through from Early Years to Pre-University. Our curriculum is dynamic and innovative, based on proven educational theory and practice, and is delivered by hard-working, well-qualified and enthusiastic professionals. We have excellent support staff, including an Educational Psychology Department, specialising in child development and special educational needs, ready to offer support to students, teachers and families where necessary. Every day, our challenge and our privilege is to provide our students with the best education possible for a happy and successful future.

Curriculum and Key Stages

A fully international education programme

The British curriculum focuses on maximising the potential of each individual student and is designed to guide young people towards playing an active and successful role in society and in the workplace. The study programmes at Coruña British International School are multilingual, and emphasise the importance of music, creative arts and sport as elements that are key to the integrated education of our students. Our goal is to educate young people that become valuable and responsible members of the international community, with the intellectual capacity and emotional sensitivity to understand and respond to the challenges of today’s world.

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Learning strategies to bring out the best in each student

Teaching and learning strategies at Coruña British International School are designed to help every student flourish, both personally and academically, and to work towards achieving their overall goals. With the help and guidance of their teachers, students develop the skills necessary to become independent and successful learners. Teachers employ a wide range of strategies to positively influence student learning, to celebrate and develop students’ strengths, and to support and improve their weaker areas.

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Technological Innovation

New technologies for teaching and learning

New technologies provide an increasingly valuable resource for the teaching staff at Coruña British International School, allowing them to provide dynamic, interactive learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Our pupils learn techniques such as coding and programming, which promote cognitive development, and helps to prepare them for the technological challenges of the 21st century.

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Our Teachers

Ongoing staff training

Teachers at Coruña British International School are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated. Our staff participate in ongoing training programmes to ensure that they remain at the cutting edge of educational theory and practice and to enable them to provide a continual source of knowledge and inspiration for our students. Globeducate group offers regular professional development workshops allowing teachers to share and discuss teaching and learning strategies with other teachers from the Globeducate group. Initiatives such as the Learning Coaches programme and the Globeducate Platinum Standard assessment and improvement scheme, ensure that all our teachers have access to ongoing training and get the opportunity to remain in touch with the most recent innovations in strategies for teaching and learning.

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The Special Educational Needs Department

Providing support and guidance where it is required

Our Special Educational Needs Department works with students, teachers and families who might be experiencing educational, social, behavioural or emotional issues, and offer support, guidance and practical advice as and when it may be necessary.

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