How to teach children to think

“I know that there is only one freedom: the freedom of thought”, said the author of The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Educating a child is a path of light and some shadows, and although most of us try to do it in the best possible way, relying also on teachers, we have to be […]


Empowering their STEM skills

“We cannot sustain an innovative economy unless we have people who are well trained in science, mathematics and engineering,” Bill Gates. When we talk about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) skills, we beforehand refer to the most important fields in the face of an increasingly technological future. Robotisation, the paradigm of technological development and […]


The 8 key points of a British education

The British educational system is one of the most prestigious in the world. This is why in recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of students from outside the UK enrolling in British schools and Universities in search of a quality, future-orientated education, such as that provided at Coruña British International […]


Beyond the strictly academic

Cognitive skills are important, but not enough. According to Robert Sternberg, an American psychologist specialising in intelligence, formal and academic education is very focused on the development of analytical skills and linked to logical and abstract thinking. However, this only contributes to 10 to 15 percent of a person’s successful job performance, leaving significant gaps. […]


Education Talk

The renowned neuropsychologist Álvaro Bilbao visited three cities in the North East of Spain at the same time last Thursday, 24th February, gathering more than 400 people in what was the first joint event of the three British and international schools of Globeducate in Spain; O Castro, Coruña and St. George’s British International Schools, located […]


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Mindfulness to regain full attention

Immersed in a time of constant distraction, rushing and stress, mindfulness invites children, educators and parents to practice breathing and relaxation with one objective: to recover our capacity for mindfulness. Educating from within is an essential task, because this is how children internalise who they are and who they can become. A conscious and fulfilling […]

Child autonomy as a shared responsibility

In literal terms, heteronomy is understood as the inevitable submission to an external power. This power can be legal, social, labour, family… However, child psychology also explains that all human beings are born as heteronomous beings. And this simply means that when babies are born they naturally depend on an adult to carry out the […]

How to teach children to think

“I know that there is only one freedom: the freedom of thought”, said the author of The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Educating a child is a path of light and some shadows, and although most of us try to do it in the best possible way, relying also on teachers, we have to be […]

Empowering their STEM skills

“We cannot sustain an innovative economy unless we have people who are well trained in science, mathematics and engineering,” Bill Gates. When we talk about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) skills, we beforehand refer to the most important fields in the face of an increasingly technological future. Robotisation, the paradigm of technological development and […]

The 8 key points of a British education

The British educational system is one of the most prestigious in the world. This is why in recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of students from outside the UK enrolling in British schools and Universities in search of a quality, future-orientated education, such as that provided at Coruña British International […]

Beyond the strictly academic

Cognitive skills are important, but not enough. According to Robert Sternberg, an American psychologist specialising in intelligence, formal and academic education is very focused on the development of analytical skills and linked to logical and abstract thinking. However, this only contributes to 10 to 15 percent of a person’s successful job performance, leaving significant gaps. […]

Education Talk

The renowned neuropsychologist Álvaro Bilbao visited three cities in the North East of Spain at the same time last Thursday, 24th February, gathering more than 400 people in what was the first joint event of the three British and international schools of Globeducate in Spain; O Castro, Coruña and St. George’s British International Schools, located […]

Retirement of our founder

“Pioneer in the implementation of a more diverse, open and innovative educational model to which their environment was accustomed. An example for those who, without a clear vision of what to do, or simply what they want to become, can achieve what they set out to do. Today we remember, honour and congratulate the rigour, […]

Food Donated

Earlier this month we launched the H.O.P.E. (Help One Person Eat) campaign, and we couldn’t be more proud of the response of the whole educational community. The food donated was collected by the Banco de Alimentos de A Coruña on Tuesday, 22nd December, which they will distribute to the most disadvantaged people in our area. […]

HOPE 2020

Coruña British School is launching the “HOPE” campaign for donations for charitable organizations (Help One Person Eat).A solidarity campaign to collect food which, due to the exceptional health emergency situation caused by COVID, is more necessary than ever. Food donations are of vital importance, especially this year, so the school is appealing to the entire […]

World Outdoor Classroom Day

On 5th November, World Outdoor Classroom Day was celebrated, a global movement to make time outdoors part of every child’s day as teachers take children outdoors to learn. Children are spending less time outdoors than ever before, which is affecting their health, well-being and love of the natural world. Reversing this dynamic and encouraging children […]

Advice from our Nurses

We are living a delicate moment regarding the evolution of the pandemic, added to which we are entry into the months of November and December, and with them the inevitable arrival of the flu. Although there are many elements that come into play, such as the luck factor, responsibility, respect and strict hygiene and protection […]

Eco Schools

Our world is at a critical point and there are many elements that are changing rapidly. As educators, it is our responsibility to ensure that young people are aware of their responsibility to act; to preserve and protect their environment. Between 2020-2022, all Globeducate schools are working towards Eco-Schools “Green Flag” status – using this […]

Summer Camp

We are very happy that, after three long months, our school can open its doors again and our classrooms and educational spaces will once again be full of energy and joy, thanks to the celebration of the Summer Camp, which will take place between June 22nd and July 24th. Unfortunately, due to new social distancing […]


One of the most important aspects of learning to read and write in English is the Phonics method, which is used at Coruña British School from the first school year (3 years). This method, the Phonics method, teaches the sounds of words and their relationship to how a word is spelt. It is a global, […]

World Book Day

Circumstances have taken us to celebrate the first Virtual Book Week and, what a success! Among the activities proposed were the Globeducate Extreme Reading Challenge, which this year replaces our traditional Reading Marathon or the live reading sessions of parents through Gmeets. In addition, the students who wanted to do so could dress up as […]

Easter Challenges

This Easter was different for everyone. Because of this, Globeducate launched a series of “Easter Challenges” aimed at the whole educational community, in order to provide fun activities for the whole family and also helping to minimize the time in front of screens. There were five challenges: Lego Challenge, Our WWF Planet Challenge, Extreme Reading […]

Letters from the soul

Primary students from Coruña British School had a very special activity this week. Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 have written letters to be shared among patients that are in the CHUAC hospital that are isolated because of the coronavirus. With these letters, which will be distributed through the María José Jove Foundation, our primary students want to […]

Home learning

In a recent interview for the blog of The Pie, a reference in international education, Globeducate Chief of Education, Daniel Jones, reflects on the rapid transition we have experienced towards home learning and how the previous experience of the educational group, with prestigious online schools in Canada or France and centers in Rome and Milan, […]


The health alert produced by the spread of the Coronavirus has led the Xunta de Galicia to dictate the temporary suspension of classes and the closure of schools from March 16th, for a minimum period of 14 days. We are aware of what these measures can mean for the organization and family logistics and for the children’s learning […]

Science Day 2020

Next Saturday, March 14th, the first British school in the city will be transformed for a day into a small theme park with science as the protagonist, with workshops and activities to enjoy an original, different and fun day with the  whole family.   The event is free and open to anyone who wants to […]

Globeducate and WWF collaboration

An exciting partnership between Globeducate and WWF will impact on the education of more than 25,000 young people and their wider communities. Globeducate is one of the leading K-12 international schools’ groups in the world, with more than 50 schools in 10 countries, and has launched a global agenda for change: an agenda that prepares […]

Open Days Week

Do you still not know the British Educational system?  If not, here you have your best opportunity. Come to our Open Days Week, between 17th and 20st February from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM, and find out more about our educational model. Located in A Zapateira, Coruña British School is the first british school in […]

Artistic Activities

At Coruña British School we consider that the extracurricular activities are an essential complement to our curricular education. We believe that the activities should be purposeful and structured and where appropriate have a ludic and playful component so that they encourage students to explore other areas of life.   Amongst our artistic and creative activities, today […]

Chirstmas Charity

The educational community is supporting this Christmas the Juegaterapia charity and have raised 2,000 euros  with the sale of wristbands and calendars. In addition, each person who made a €5 donation would have the privilege of attending school with a typical Christmas jumper on the last day of the term.   Juegaterapia was born in the spring of 2010. Since then they have […]

Welcome to Globeducate

NACE Schools was founded in 1972 and since then it has seen consistent expansion. Starting in Spain, our network has spread across Europe, Canada, India and most recently Malaysia. We now have more than 50 schools in 10 countries, educating more than 25,000 students. We are truly a global network and a leader in international […]

Extracurricular Activities

This week we want to talk about “Little Chefs”, one of the new extracurricular activities at Coruña British School for this academic year. In this activity, our Early years and Primary Students –between Reception and Y5- will discover all the secrets of the kitchen and, above all, they will have a great time creating recipes to lick their fingers and discovering […]

Charity sponsorship

Last Sunday, the IFEVI (Vigo) hosted the third edition of the Galician Baby-walker Race against Meningitis, which this year had the participation of more than 250 children between 2 and 5 years old, mainly from Vigo but from other points of Galicia too. The event, promoted by the Spanish Association against Meningitis, shows once again […]

Internal Events

Located at A Zapateira, the first British School in A Coruña celebrates its traditional Science Week. Starting on Monday 21st October and running all week, Coruña British School will be celebrating the wonder of our natural world and science were all the school community will be involved: parents, children and teachers. Under the theme “Spooky Science” all our students, from Nursery to Year 5, will perform […]

The power of words

Coruña British School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities – almost 30! – for children between 4 and 10 years old, which complement and enrich our students curriculum. In the academic area, one of the most recent additions is the Oratory workshop, a fun and educational activity where children develop their communication skills, emotional […]

Charity Sponsorship

The two NACE schools in Galicia, O Castro British School and Coruña British School, join forces this year with a new charity through their sponsorship of the III Carrera Gallega de Correpasillos, which will be held next Sunday October 27 in Hall 3 of the IFEVI, at 11.00. As well as being a great cause […]

Extracurricular Activities

Do you like nature and the wonderful world of plants and flowers? Do you want to discover everything you need in order to have your own garden and grow tasty and nutritious vegetables? Do you want to learn when is the time to plant different types of plants and how to take care of them […]

Sport Activities

Sport plays a very important role in the integral education of our students It improves physical fitness, helps improve children’s academic performance and, above all, promotes core values such as respect, effort, tolerance, cooperation, discipline, perseverance and teamwork. For that reason, and like a complement of our curriculum, Coruña British School offers differents extracurricular sport […]


Learning languages and other cultures is a key element in our curriculum. English is the vehicle language of our school. The linguistic immersion is total, with native teachers in English speaking with a proven professional experience from the first day of school, with a curriculum that also includes Spanish, French and Galician. At Coruña British […]

Art and Creativity

In Coruña British School, art and creativity play a very important role, since they are very significant elements for the cognitive, personal and social development of our students. For this reason, from Early Years to Primary, the creative arts constitute a fundamental pillar in the integral formation of our students. Creative Arts foster imagination and […]

New Academic Year

Not long now for the day that so many nerves and illusion has generated in recent weeks, especially the smallest of the house. The first day of school is a very special day, especially for Nursery students and families. In order to make it as easy as possible for everyone, we leave you with some […]

British Education

Coruña British School teaches an international and multilingual curriculum focused on the needs and specific requirements of each student, with music, creative arts and sports as key elements for the full development of the student body. The CBS learning methodology is designed to help all students thrive in their studies and achieve all of their […]

Infant Education

At Coruña British School we follow the education system of the United Kingdom, a curriculum specially designed to provide students with an understanding of the current world and the great challenges of the 21st century, with personalization and the promotion of research and critical thinking. as key pieces of your educational project from the earliest […]

Helpful in advice

Next September we will start a new Academic Year, and for some of our families it will be a very exciting moment: the first day of school for 3 year olds. It is a very special moment in your lives, and a great step for your children, so we leave you with a series of […]

Charity Sponsorships

Last weekend was held the first Charity Race for Inclusion “Vigo a Vela”, a pioneering initiative promoted by Mundinova Communications Consultants and supported by the ONCE Foundation, which we have not been able to join, whose main objective is to raise awareness in society about the full inclusion of people with disabilities through sports. The […]

Summer programmes

Since 25th of June more than 200 kids are enjoying our English Summer Camp, a complete activity programme in English, delivered by teachers from the first ever British school in A Coruña! Because we make learning English fun! Our English Summer School is open to children from all schools in the area aged from 4 […]

House System

This academic year, York is the winning House, so our York students enjoyed a funny day last Monday at Spring Alvedro. Just like in the Harry Potter saga, in Coruña British School we have a System of Houses with which we intend to foster a sense of community. All students belong to a House, with their own captains and […]

Sponsorship 2019

The Equestrian Center Los Porches yesterday held the sixth and final test of the 2018/2019 Social League, which for the second consecutive year has had the support of Coruña British School; yet another sign of the commitment of this British school in A Zapateira with sports, especially if the protagonists are children! The finalists received, […]

Family Events

Last Saturday, 1st of June, Coruña British School celebrated its traditional Summer Fair. This is a very traditional school event at this time of year in all British schools both in the U.K. and around the world. With this event, we want to consolidate the educational community of CBS, enjoy a fun time in the […]

Certificate of Quality S+

For Coruña British School the safety of our students is a priority. It is for this reason that we underwent a voluntary audit by the National Association for Child Safety for them to evaluate our facilities and procedures in compliance with their strict criteria. As a result, Coruña British School has been awarded the Certificate of […]

Primary School Trip

Las week Y2 students visited the Tower of Hercules and the Castle of San Anton. With this visit, our Year 2 students were able to consolidate the knowledge they have acquired in class in recent weeks about the city of A Coruña. In this excursion they discovered curiosities about two of the most emblematic monuments […]

International Day

Last Friday, Coruña British School celebrated International Day, a day in which multiculturalism and internationalization occupied a prominent place in all activities. We had representation from ten countries: USA, Portugal, Italy, China, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Romania and France.   Games, workshops, passport check points, international food and a great International Assembly were the most important activities of the day, […]

Book Week

Coruña British School says goodbye to its Book Week by ending its Readathon, which once again highlights the solidarity and involvement of CBS families. In recent weeks, our students have read so much that they have collected more than 2,200 euros for the NGO A.I.R.E, a non-profit organization with which they collaborate regularly.   We hope you […]

Santa Cruz Castle

Our Reception students went this week on a guided tour of the Santa Cruz Castle, they had a fascinating walk around the historical, cultural and natural heritage of our region. In the surroundings of the castle, located on an island, we can find an ecosystem of great autochthonous wealth. We found different elements on the […]


Our Year 4 students received the visit of the writer and author of the book (amongst others) “Aunty Clio and the typewriter”, Mónica Rodríguez, as part of this terms topic in Spanish class. The children got the most out of the visit. They  listening to the story being read by its creator, they asked all kinds of questions, the author signed copies for them  and they learnt a […]

Extracurricular activities

Global readiness is one of the fundamental pillars of CBS’ educational project. Learning languages from an early age contributes to a child’s cognitive development and is socially and educationally beneficial. At Coruña British School our pupils are immersed in the English language from the age of 3 onwards and they also get the opportunity to […]

Science Day 2019

The first British school in A Coruña celebrated the first edition of its Science Day with a success of influx, bringing together more than three hundred people in its premises in A Zapateira. Science, creativity and inventiveness gathered to offer a family leisure alternative for the whole family, with activities designed for the youngest (+ […]

CBS celebrates Christmas

Coruña British School says goodbye to the first term of this academic year with the Christmas Concerts, which were held in the purest British style: with mulled wine and mince pies! We enjoyed some of the Christmas classics, like We Wish You a Merry Christmas or Hello Father Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, I’m […]

“El Sueño de Vicky”

Solidarity is a characteristic value of Coruña British School every day during the academic year and especially during the Christmas period . Therefore, this year the CBS educational community will be supporting El Sueño de Vicky, a non-profit foundation which raises funds for childhood cancer research. The main objective of the Foundation is to finance […]

Contemporary dance and ballet

At Coruña British School we believe that each child is unique and unrepeatable and each one is born with a different talent. Therefore, in order to guide our students in the development of their skills, we offer our students a wide range of extracurricular activities. As well as the ballet classes, which are taught two […]

CBS, education for a global world

Coruña British School opened its doors in September 2015. This private school, located in A Zapateira, defines itself as a 100% British school but located outside the United Kingdom, which follows the British National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland as a whole and employs the usual assessment methods used in that country. In […]

The CBS Newspaper Club

From this academic year, Coruña British School includes within its range of academic activities the Newspaper Club, an extracurricular activity especially thought of for the eldestchildren of the school, the Year 3 and Year 4 students. In this activity our students will know the basic functioning of one of the most powerful and long-lasting communication […]

Robotics at CBS

Extracurricular activities at Coruña British School complement our curriculum and provide our students the opportunity to develop their skills to the fullest. We know that each child is unique, unrepeatable and each have a different talent that may not yet have been discovered, therefore, we offer our students more than a dozen academic, sports, artistic […]

Rhythmic gymnastics for Primary

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the novelties of the extracurricular sports activities at Coruña British School for the current academic year, which is taught two days a week – on Mondays and Wednesdays – for students between Y1 and Y4. In this sport activity children will learn to dominate different gymnastic styles such as the […]

CBS Halloween Party as the finale of Science Week

Coruña British School closed its Science Week with its traditional Halloween party. In this day, the entire educational community went to school with their spooky costumes to enjoy a fun day before the half-term break. Witches, wizards, ghosts, vampires, nutty teachers, crazy doctors and many more curious characters paraded through the facilities of the British […]

Science Week 2018

Coruña British School celebrates its terrifying Science Week this week, which will culminate on Friday with the celebration of the traditional Halloween party. Throughout this week, the classrooms of Coruña British School have become authentic laboratories in which our children are learning the magic of science from a different perspective. Thus, our students received the […]

Educational excellence, value-based education and global readiness

The quality of British education is recognized and respected throughout the world and its curriculum – the National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland of the United Kingdom – is specially designed to meet the individual needs of each student, putting at their disposal a highly stimulating and motivational education. The educational program of […]

CBS adds Oratory to its offer of extracurricular activities

A new academic year starts at Coruña British School and with it we launch our offer of extracurricular activities which has many new ones this year like TOI (Taller de Oratoria Infantil – Oratory workshop), a fascinating activity to enhance emotional intelligence and creative thinking. With the collaboration of Iván Olmos, world runner-up of speeches […]

Coruña British School starts a new academic year

Coruña British School celebrates the start of a new academic year with happiness and great enthusiasm, and with an expansion that will allow for the progressive increase of students as a result of adding a new course to our educational offer. This extension contemplates the creation of a new building in our facilities of A […]

The first day of school

It is just around the corner that moment that such nerve and illusion has generated in recent weeks: the first day of school. Here are some useful recommendations for the first day in Nursery. We hope it is as simple as possible for everyone! Saying goodbye is difficult but the longer you take, the harder […]

Coruña British School: cultural diversity and international education in A Coruña

Coruña British School is the first British school in A Coruña. Located in A Zapateira, the current campus imparts the British curriculum from Nursery (3 years old) to Year 4, the equivalent of 3º of Primary in the Spanish system. A global education with a clear international vocation and cultural diversity are the hallmarks of […]

Coruña British School says goodbye to its Summer Camp

July is finishing and Coruña British School says goodbye to its Summer Camp. Our Summer Camp brought together 150 boys and girls between 4 and 8 years old. A complete English language immersion programme –taught by our teachers- through sports, workshops and activities, as well as cultural experiences, specially designed for the children to learn […]

Helpful in advice for Nursery parents

If your son was born in 2015 you are about to take a very exciting step in your life: start school and, although you may not believe it, there are many things you can do in the summer months to make the step as simple as possible, both for you “parents” and for your children. […]

Early Years at Coruña British School

In the weeks before the beginning of the academic year, it is very common to ask what the classes will be like for our children, especially in the first years of schooling. At Coruña British School we follow the British curriculum, so the promotion of critical thinking and research, collaboration as a precept and the […]

School Trip to Castro de Elviña

Last week, our Year 2 and Year 3 students made an interesting visit to Castro de Elviña. With this visit, our students were able to put into practice the knowledge acquired in class about the different stages of History and its main characteristics. With the help of two experienced guides, our students discovered many curiosities […]

II Summer Fair

Coruña British School held on Saturday, June 2nd , the second edition of the Summer Fair, a day of celebration and fun for the entire educational community. The day started at 12.00 with bouncy castles, tombola and karaoke, barbecue, Spanish pinchos, hot dogs and hamburgers and a spectacular cake stand. In addition, the students of […]

Visit to O Burgo Botanical Gardens

The Year 2 Sharks and the Year 3 Wolves visited the O Burgo Botanical Gardens to look at all of the beautiful plants. We particularly enjoyed seeing the difference between the native plants of Galicia and the ones that had been imported. Some were really beautiful! This term in Science, the Wolves are learning about […]

Los Porches Social League sponsored by CBS ends

Last weekend was held the last test of the Equestrian Social League of C.H. Los Porches 2017/2018, which this year also had the support of Coruña British School. The league, which consisted of six races between the months of October and June, had over 150 riders and amazons this season, mainly from Coruña and Ferrol. […]

PISA 2018

Our brother school in Vigo, O Castro British School, has had some great news that we want to share with you and offer our sincere congratulations. The good news are the outstanding results in the PISA tests (Students International Assessment Program), above the Spanish average and higher than Singapore, the leading country in the last […]

CBS celebrates International Day

Last Friday, Coruña British School celebrated International Day, a journey in which multiculturalism and internationalization occupied a prominent place in all activities. Games, workshops, parents visiting the school, international food and an amazing performance of the Apple Tree Theater group with their show “Treasure Island” were the most important activities of the day, with eight […]

Access to the most prestigious universities worldwide

There are many advantages to studying at Coruña British Coruña School, not least because the students follow a long-standing and strongly consolidated dynamic educational model which is constantly adapted to our innovative international school project. Today we want to highlight one that, although it may seem a long way in the distance, generates some concern […]

Coruña British School celebrates Book Week

Promoting the habit of reading amongst our students is a priority at Coruña British School, and to achieve this, we organize different activities throughout the academic year, one of them being Book Week. During this week reading acquires a leading role in our classrooms. Many parents came to the school to read to their children […]

CBS collects more than 2,000 euros with the 2018 Readathon

A new edition of the CBS Readathon concludes with a resounding success and the objectives fulfilled. In recent weeks, our students have read a lot and enjoyed reading even more, and have also raised more than 2,000 euros thanks to it. Congratulations to everyone! The funds raised will be used to collaborate with a charitable […]

Fairy Tales

At the beginning of the Summer Term, our Reception students are discovering the fascinating world of fairy tales. They are making fantastic murals that prove it! Like this one our Caterpillars have made about Jack and the Beanstalk, an anonymous story of English origin that, for a long time, was wrongly attributed to Hans Christian […]

Y2 visit the Tower of Hercules and the San Antón Castle

Yesterday the Sharks visited the Tower of Hercules and the Castle of San Anton. With this visit, our Year 2 students were able to consolidate the knowledge they have acquired in class in recent weeks about the city of A Coruña. In this excursion they discovered curiosities about two of the most emblematic monuments of […]

Learning about plants

With the start of the first half of the summer term, our Nursery students start a new project: the fascinating world of plants. In the coming weeks, our Bumblebees will learn many things about the plants through different activities, such as this mural, in which they will put into practice the knowledge acquired. In addition, […]

Testimonies from parents of CBS

Giving our children the best education that we can is a priority for any parent and choosing the best School is a complex process where lots of factors have to be considered such as location, facilities, services, its educational project and also other varied intangible and subjective factors. The learning of languages and the immersion […]

Learning values through Judo

Amongst all the extracurricular activities that we offer at CBS we can highlight Judo as one of the sport activities through which children are taught fundamental values such as respect, courage, honesty, honour, modesty, auto-control, friendship and education. We teach all levels, one hour, twice a week. One of the objectives of this activity is […]

Coruña British School takes part in the annual Maths Championships

On Friday 23rd February, Year 1 went to Montespiño School to take part in the annual Maths Championships. All 5 teams from the Lions and the Tigers worked really well together, solving Maths challenges and problems. Mr Bailey and Miss Tolchard were very proud of how well our Year 1 children behaved, how well they […]

Coruña British School launch their corporative video

We are glad to inform you that Coruña British School launch corporative video. In it, we have tried to show our vision, mission and values, which we try very hard every day to pass on to your children. We invite you to learn more about our school, our spirit and our essence, from the hand […]

Coruña British School hosts its first Open Day

Next Friday the 2nd March, Coruña British School will be hosting a very special event in which you will be able to enjoy activities for all the family. This event is our first Open Day which will be on the School premises between 4.30 and 7pm. You will be able to enjoy our student’s exhibitions […]

Discovering libraries

Two of the visitors who came to talk to Reception for our “People who help us” topic were librarians. They explained what they do, about the different sections in a library and how to borrow books. They read us a picture book, a rhyming story,a pop-up book story and an upside-down story! It was very […]

CBS celebrates Carnival

Coruña British School celebrated their Carnival party today, with a parade in which the school’s educational community let their imagination fly as they dressed up in funny costumes. There were cheerleaders, princesses, superheroes animals, emojis and Wally. With the CBS Carnival parade we reach the end of this half term and its time to rest. […]

1st seminar on Early Years education in British Education

Over a hundred people came to the auditorium of Afundación to learn more about the British Education methodology during the 1st Seminar on British Education: Early Years education. La Educación Infantil, or Early Years education in the British Curriculum was the focus of the event which was led by the Head of Coruña British School: […]

Play School Music

Extracurricular activities are very important at Coruña British School as we believe that learning goes on far beyond the knowledge that our students acquire in the classroom. Therefore, we are very satisfied with the evolution and enthusiasm our children have shown in Play School Music, an activity that allows them to have a first approach […]

The second term has started at CBS!

Second term has started and with it new topics in each class. The Tigers from Year 1 have made a very fun mural about the book “The Queens Knickers” related to their topic of Kings and queens. Reception Caterpillars are learning about People who help us and you can see all the people they have […]

Helping those in need at Christmas in CBS

Solidarity is one of the values of Coruña British School, a commitment that we have very much in mind throughout the course and also during these Christmas holidays. And we are in luck, because this year the educational community of CBS has managed to raise more than 900 euros in the Christmas performances held last […]

Chess and art to foster the children’s creativity

In CBS we consider that extracurricular activities are an essential complement to a child’s curricular education. We believe that the activities must be structured and have a defined purpose as well as being recreational so that the children enjoy themselves and explore other areas of life beyond the academic realm. This is the case in […]

Trip to MELGA

Last week the Caterpillars and the Butterflies enjoyed a wonderful day out to a Toy Museum (MELGA). There they discovered more than 4,000 games and toys from various historical periods. The first part of the tour was learning about toys and games from prehistoric times to the modern era. The second part of the tour […]

Mapping around Coruña

Y3 students of Coruña British School made a trip to the center of the city where they had the opportunity to consolidate all they have learnt in the subject of Geography in an interactive way. The students enjoyed and learnt a lot on this trip. It allowed them to take a closer look at common […]

CBS celebrates Science Week

Last week at CBS as you walked along the corridors and visited the classrooms there was a great sense of excitement and enthusiasm for studying our natural world. Science week is an annual event whereby the children and teachers at CBS get the opportunity to inquire into the amazing phenomenon all around them. We have […]

CBS dresses up for Halloween

Last Friday was our Halloween celebration at CBS. The children and teachers all arrived in their spooky costumes and had great fun in various parties and events throughout the day. One of the most important events for us as an international school in Galicia was to combine the day with Magosto. We shared our chestnuts […]

Year 1 Class Assembly

Last week Year 1 Lions class delighted the whole school with their class assembly. The focus for this was their topic called, ‘Marvellous Me’. Using an integrated approach to their learning, they combined Science, Arts and the Humanities to learn aspects that develop their knowledge and skills in these important areas. This particular topic also […]

House Heads of Coruña British School!

For our new House system, I would like to introduce our new House captains as follows: Cambridge – Olivia; York – Maria; Durham – Greta; Oxford – Jimena. Our new captains, who will hold their position throughout the year, are highly motivated and committed to lead their team and collaborate in the organization and development […]

The return to school

This week Coruña British School has returned to school after our long summer holiday. The children are all very excited to be back and see old friends and meet new ones. Of course we are here for learning and we wish you all our students the very best in their studies for 2017/18. We have […]

Reporting to parents

There are two main formats for reporting to parents in a British school. The first is the parent/teacher consultation which take place three times a year at the end of each term and is a one to one meeting with the teacher and the parents. The teacher verbally reports on their child’s progress and may […]

Differentiation at Coruña British School

The concept of differentiation is extremely important in a British education. We understand that within a class of students there will be a variety of academic levels. We therefore plan our teaching with this in mind with the aim for each child to reach their full potential. We do not teach to the average and […]

The use of text books in Primary school

While it is possible to see students using textbooks in British Primary schools, the reliance on those materials is much lower than we would find in state education here. Indeed here in CBS in our Early Years department, they are not used at all. The British National curriculum provides our teachers with the ‘what’ to […]

“Whole child approach”

From the onset of a British teacher’s initial teacher training they are introduced to the concept of the ‘whole child approach’. This means we aim to see each child within the premise of their own uniqueness. Clearly our primary goal is that through the teaching and learning process students within our care reach their highest […]

Coruña British School say goodbye to the Summer Camp with a week dedicated to the animal world

Coruña British School say goodbye to the Summer Camp with a theme week dedicated to the fascinating animal world that we can meet through a zoo. Our child have done a lot of crafts throughout the week, like a precious pandas made with paint and a fork. In addition, they were able to put into […]

Cinema and Stars at Coruña British School

The children at our Summer Camp enjoyed a week full of fantasy and fun while learning English. Under the theme “Cinema and Star”, the children enjoyed a movie day with popcorn and made many crafts related to the world of celluloid, such as Emoji faces. In addition, they went on hilarious excursion to the Arrecife […]

Summer Sales at Can Can Shop

Can Can Shop starts the summer sales with discounts of 15%. Here you have a unique opportunity to renew the uniform for the next academic year. We remind you that this month of July the store will be open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 9.30am to 11.00am. And for those who can’t come this […]

Pirates assaults Summer Camp of Coruña British School

Last week the pirates stormed the Summer Camp of Coruña British School to make the boys and girls of the camp spend a very buccaneer days. Participants in our Summer Camp made many craft related to the world of privateers, such as pirate hats, patches, hooks or sand shells. They also enjoyed playing the grapple […]

Visit to the Naval Museum of Ferrol

Last week we made an entertaining visit to the Naval Museum of Ferrol. The children of our Summer Camp were able to learn more about the history and culture of the naval. Naval equipment, artillery, ship models, nautical instruments, flags or cartography were some of the jewels that were discovered in the museum. In addition, […]

Coruña British School Summer Camp´s has started

Hooray! Summer has finally arrived and for us that means summer camp has begun!¡ This week at Coruña British School we have been doing lots of beach themed activities such as making crab hats. Pinch Pinch! We have also been splashing around in our very own swimming pool as well as enjoying some games with […]

York celebrates a magnificent year at Arrecife Park

Our York students celebrated a fantastic and well-deserved party this week at Arrecife Park as a reward for an excellent academic year! The students of the winning House of Coruña British School spent a very fun morning playing in this park. Congratulations guys! Keep working in this direction!

Coruña British School celebrates the success of its first Summer Fair

Last Saturday Coruña British School held it’s first Summer Fair. It was a very successful day with regards to “community building” and all our expectations were met. It was a fun filled day with games like “Soak the teacher” the most successful game at the fair! It was a fantastic day full of fun and […]

Year 1 trip to the Aquarium

On Thursday 1st June, the Year 1 Lions went on an exciting trip to the Aquarium, as part of our seaside topic. We saw lots of different types of sea life, including fish we can find in the sea around Galicia, tropical fish, crabs, an octopus and even a shark! We were also very lucky […]

CBS Summer Camp enrollment period is now open to the public!

Coruña British School opens to the public the inscriptions for the Summer Camp 2017, that will take place in the facilities of the school between the 26 th of June and the 28 th of July. The times of the Summer Camp will be from 9am to 4pm but there will be adult supervision from […]

Year 1 trip to the park

The Lions had another amazing trip this week! This time we went to the park, as part of our topic “park life”. We had a look at all the different things we could find at the park, collected some interesting leaves and took some tree rubbings. We also had fun on the playground and enjoyed […]

The Tigers visit Real Club Deportivo de A Coruña

On May 18th our Tigers visited Abegondo to watch Real Club Deportivo de A Coruna train. In addition to watching their idols train, our Tigers were fortunate enough to be able to chat with them and have them sign autographs. Thank you Super Depor!

First competition for the UDC CBS judokas!

Last weekend Santiago de Compostela held the prestigious tournament IV Trofeo Regional de Vite. Five Judokas from the CBS Judo Club went to their first competition with great enthusiasm and determination. Alejandro, Adrián, André, Oscar and Cosme participated in the category of pre-benjamín and achieved great performances demonstrating all their acquired skills. The young Judokas, […]

Visit the theater to see Peter Pan´s play

Last Wednesday, our Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children went to the Colon Theatre to see the classic tale of Peter Pan. They really enjoyed the play and the adventures of Peter Pan, Wendy and the lost children and their battle against Captain Hook.

CBS Summer Camp enrollment period is now open!

The enrolment period for our students for CBS’ first Summer Camp is now open. The summer camp runs from 26th June until the 28th July. The times of the Summer Camp will be from 9am to 4pm but there will be adult supervision from 8 to 9am and from 4 to 5pm. The Camp is […]

CBS raises 2.870 euros in our first Bookathon!

CBS closes the first edition of its Bookathon with an enormous success managing to raise a grand total of 2.870 euros for A.I.R.E. (Asociación Integral de Rescate de Emergencias), which was collected by Federico Pichel Ferreiro on behalf of the charity. Coruña British School would like to congratulate the School Community for its commitment and […]

Ladybirds and Bumblees visit the Muncyt Museum.

Our children from the Ladybird and Bumblebee classes visited the Muncyt Museum this week. The trip was related to this terms topic of Transport. There they were shown different means of transport, they enjoyed the nus ride to the museum and were able to make their own helicopter and see it fly at the workshop […]

CBS dresses up as Book characters for Book week

CBS has decorated the school with magnificent representations of children’s stories which motivate the children even more to read especially this week that we are celebrating Book Week. We would like to say a big thank-you to all the parents who have come in to school this week to read a book to their child’s […]

CBS Celebrates Book Week

From the 3rd until the 7th April, we will be celebrating Book Week at Coruña British School. During this week, the children will be participating in various activities related to reading, one of which is the Readathon. As part of Book Week, we are going to be holding a book exchange. Children are encouraged to […]

Welcome to the 2017 Readathon!

This year as part of book week, we will be raising funds to support A.I.R.E. (Integral Association for Emergency Rescue) through reading books. From Coruña British School we encourage all families to participate in this act of solidarity. From the 17th March until the 5th April, children will read as many books as posible and […]

Spring has arrived!

Our Year 2 children have helped us to decorate our Spanish and Galician display with proverbs and riddles related to Spring.

CBS celebrates Carnival

Once again CBS celebrated Carnival. Our children and teachers showed their creativity dressing up as their favourite characters amongst which we could find characters from the Star Wars saga, Flamenco dancers or pirates.

CBS celebrates Spanish Week

CBS also celebrated Spanish week and were lucky to be able to count with the following performances and demonstrations: On Monday: In the morning we were visited by the Coruña Bobbin Lace Association who showed us how and what marvellous things they created with bobbin lace. In the afternoon Ana did a performance with her […]

Seminar about British education at Fundación Barrié

Coruña British School invites you to participate in a conference about British education organised by the British Embassy and backed by the British Council. The event, which will have the support and collaboration of the only British School in the city, will be held on the 10th March at 5.30pm at Fundación Barrié de la […]

Finalists of the Maths Champion Competition

Today five children from our Lions class went to Montespiño School to take part in their second Maths Champion competition. We are proud to announce the team lead by Mr Bailey achieved a top 3 finish out of 20 other teams from A Coruña. Congratulations!

Visit to the opera

On Monday our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students went to the Colon Theatre to see the opera The Magic Flute. It is an adaptation for children of the famous Mozart Opera which premiered in Viena in 1791. The children really enjoyed the show!

Learning and having fun in our Cooking extracurricular activity

At CBS we offer a wide choice of extracurricular activities in addition to our children’s academic formation which aim to develop their artistic and creative skills. One of these activities is cooking. They are enjoying it immensely whilst they are learning to make different recipes that are healthy as well as tasty and learning new […]

The art of photography

In our second term of Art as part of our extracurricular activities children will be combining the art of photography with paintings, drawings and doodle. Last week they were introduced to the concept of mixing photography with art by making their own photo album cover. This week they learnt how to work with water paints […]

Art Gallery Trip

On the 12th January, the Lions took another exciting trip – this time to the Fundación María José Jove art gallery. We looked at lots of different types of paintings and sculptures. We also learned lots about abstract art! We also worked together to make a large piece of art. We may have some artists […]

Ice Skating with our Lions

As part of our topic “Winter Wonderland”, the Lions had an exciting trip to the Ice Skating rink! We absolutely loved our hour on the ice! Some of us used the penguins to help us around the ice, but some of us were really brave and tried skating all by ourselves! What a wonderful adventure […]

Christmas Shows 2016

Well done to all the classes for their fantastic singing, dancing and acting. All the staff were so proud of all the children. Thank you to all the parents, family members and friends who attended. We really appreciate your support. Finally a big THANK YOU to all the staff who have been working so hard […]

Guess who visited CBS?

We were very lucky to have Santa visit our school. Father Christmas came and delivered special Christmas class presents to each class.

House Heads of Coruña British School!

For our new House system, I would like to introduce our new House captains: Our new House captains are motivated and committed individuals from Year 2 who will lead their team and help organise and develop the system. House captains will be involved with staff members and their team to ensure growing success. They will […]

Coruña British School welcomes winter

Winter is here and each class has created a lovely winter display. We have also decorated our Christmas tree. A big thank you to Jimena, Maria and Greta for helping Miss Lawford. We had lots of fun decorating the tree! We hope you like it! Snowmen Nursery-Bumblebees Winter scarfs Nursery-Ladybirds Winter wonderland Year 1- Lions […]

Year 2 visits the María José Jove Museum

The tigers enjoyed visiting the museum María José Jove. We learnt about the language of art and the different forms that it can take. There were two new languages that we learnt – realism and abstract – and we now know how to use these languages to help us to understand a painting. We also […]

Year 1 Trip to the Domus

The lion class had a very exciting trip to the Domus museum, in the heart of A Coruña. We have been learning all about ourselves and our bodies, so we really enjoyed playing and exploring the museum. We even got to stand inside a model heart to see how it works!

Halloween at Coruña British School

All this week the children have been doing lots of Halloween activities as well as doing their part by thinking of those who are less fortunate. We have been working together as a team sharing and caring for others by collecting chestnuts. We would like to thank you for your generous donations for A.I.R.E. A […]

Reception visit to Fundación María José Jove

The Butterflies and Caterpillars went on their first trip in Reception.They visited Fundación María José Jove and learnt many things about art! They felt the smooth and rough sides of a marble sculpture, they saw a painting by Picasso and they even slept in a forest bedroom! At the end of the trip, they painted […]

German at Coruña British School

We have had an exciting time in our German after school club this half term. We have learned how to say hello and goodbye and say our names as well as count up to 10 and talk about colours. We have played games, sang songs in German and we are now able to talk to […]

Lions´ Class Assembly

Lions had their first class assembly in Year 1 today which was absolutely fantastic. There was lots of singing, dancing and acting. The children acted out the story ´Farmer Duck´ which is a story about a tired, weepy duck who did all the work on the farm. At the end of the story, all his […]

Maths and Computing in Year 2

In year 2 we have been learning how to use number lines to help us to add and subtract. We now know that when adding we jump forwards and when subtracting we jump backwards. We have even tried solving questions with gaps in them!! We have also been learning about following instructions in ICT. To […]

Learning Spanish

In Year 2 spanish class we have started this term negotiating our class rules. Our “Tigers” have met Rasi the Squirrel who will guide us with his stories through this academic year at Coruña British School. We have also gone over everything we learnt last year like writing the date in Spanish and spelling.

Learning the colours with Bumblebees

In Nursery, the Bumblebees are learning through the topic of colours. Bumblebees are yellow and black so we have started by learning these colours. We made a yellow crown and decorated it with yellow art supplies, and we have been searching the classroom to find yellow and black toys to play with. We also used […]

Personal, Social and Emotional Learning in Ladybirds class

In Ladybird class we are focusing on Personal, Social and Emotional area of Learning. We have been learning the names of our new friends and teachers and saying Good morning! We are enjoying playing with all of the lovely new toys in the classroom and learning how to share them.

Learning in Caterpillars

In the Caterpillar class we have been learning about number recognition and phonic work on the “S” and the “A”. We have helped each other to count how many fingers we use to hold a pencil and we have also been learning to write the “S”. We have enjoyed singing the song “Ants up my […]

The class of Butterflies review the sounds and letters

We have been counting the number of children in the class who live in a house or a flat. We have been building houses with construction pieces. In Phonics we have been revising sounds and letters. We have also been practising how to write our names. We bought in photos of our families and showed […]

Lion class starts the term

We have had a busy start to the term in lion class. In maths, we have been recognising and putting numbers into the correct order. We also made a venn and sorted the numbers into bigger and smaller than 10. We have also been busy with our marvellous me topic – we have been learning […]

Welcome to a new School year at Coruña British School!

The first day at School is always a mix of emotions. Holidays are over and at the same time we have to face new challenges. We have to learn lots of new things, meet our new classmates, teachers and all the staff at school with whom we will learn something new every day. At Coruña […]

Extracurricular activities

In Coruña British School we consider that the extracurricular activities are an essential complement to our curricular education. We believe that the activities should have a ludic and playful component so that they encourage students to explore other areas of life. The extracurricular activities are from 4 to 5pm. They will begin on the 12th […]

In Year 2, the first theme will be about Houses and Homes

The children will be talking about their homes and learning about different homes around the world. They will also be learning about different types of materials in Science and designing their dream home. In RE, they will be learning about religious practices in the Jewish home and listening to stories from the Hebrew Scriptures. In […]

Marvellous me will be the first topic in Year 1 at Coruña British School

Our Year 1 Lions will be learning this first term that we are all the same but at the same time we are all different as after all we are all marvellous. In Science they will be learning to name body parts. In history and geography they will be creating a plan of the place […]

Me and my family will be the topic in Reception to cover the learning areas during their first term at CBS this 2016/2017

Our Reception classes will be divided into Caterpillars and Butterflies. Reception is the last year of the Early Years foundation stage of the National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The 7 areas of learning in their first term will be focused on the topic ‘Me and my family’. Following this main theme, in […]

Colours will be the first Topic for Nursery this first term at CBS

Our Nursery classes will be divided into Bumblebeesand Ladybirds. The first topic we will focus on to cover the 7 areas off learning in our first term this year will be Colours. In personal, social and emotional development they will learn to name and describe their favourite colours. In communication and language they will use […]

Phonics, this is the method we use to learn to read and write at Coruña British School

The learning system used for reading and writing, Phonics, is a methodology used in the National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Coruna British School we follow several steps to understand that all letters have a sound and that when used side by side they make up another. During the first stage the […]

Coruña British School is the only School in the province of A Coruña that teaches the British Curriculum

At Coruña British School (CBS), as well as teaching all our subjects in English we follow the National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The National Curriculum delimits objectives and assessment methods but also allows a great flexibility in its implementation so each School can adapt it to its particular requirements.Coruña British School offers […]

School lunch service

One of the services we offer at Coruña British School (CBS) is lunch. We have a cheff and kitchen staff that cook our menus on a daily basis in our school kitchen. Our menus are designed by a nutritionist who strives to make a nutritional, balanced and healthy menu for our students and staff. We […]

Have you ordered you uniform for 2016-17 at Coruña British School?

Uniforms are ready to be ordered at El Corte Inglés. It’s important that parents remember that all of their child’s clothes must be marked with their name. Early Years (Nursery y Reception) uniform is the School tracksuit with the School tshirt, White socks, White velcro trainers and the School apron and bag. For the students […]

In Coruña British School each class has its own special friend

Each class is named after its friend so when we refer to our Nursery children we will talk about the Ladybirds and the Bumblebees. Each friend will be lucky enough to go home each week with one of our students. Who will be the lucky child to take them home first? Introducing our Class Friends […]

Nursery’s music show was a great success!

It was Nursery’s turn to demonstrate all they had learnt during the year in their music classes. They were a bit nervous before starting but soon they were singing and playing instruments to the delight of their parents. They offered a great show. They performed the following songs: ‘Clap Clap your hands’. ‘Old Mcdonald’. ‘The […]

Reception and Year 1 demonstrate their theatrical talent.

The boys and girls from Reception and Year 1 got together to show their parents all they had learnt in their theatre classes. They all seem to have a natural talent and they were born to be great actors! They did an excellent show and then sang a song. They performed: The play ‘The bad […]

Stellar performance of our Monday Year 1 and Reception music group.

Our Year 1 and Reception music group finished their classes in the best possible way: performing for their parents in a concert full of major music hits. They all demonstrated how much they have learnt whilst singing with a microphone, playing the guitar or the percussion instruments. It was a fun show with the parents […]

Music master class of our Nursery children

Our Nursery children showed their parents all they had learnt this year in their extracurricular class of music. They sang and danced perfectly the following songs: ‘Clap Clap your hands’. ‘Old Mcdonald’. ‘The secret’. ‘Yellow Submarine’. ‘Goodbye song’. The parents were very happy to see them enjoying themselves and all they had learnt. Keep up […]

Our Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children had their first dance performance

The three year groups that took part in their first dance show had a great time showing their parents how well they knew their choreographies. Each group (Nursery Reception and Year 1) did their own dance and to put the finishing touch to the show they all danced together the popular song “Happy” by Pharrel […]

Our Wednesday Reception group filled the School with music!

Our Caterpillars started off our extra curricular activities performances and they showed us their amazing talent! They won an extra round of applause from their parents after a such a fun performance showing all they had learnt in their music class. Rita surprised usa ll with her solo perfomance singing ‘Space Odity’ by David Bowie. […]

The Butterfly class visit the aquarium

As part of this terms topic (Seasides) the butterfly class went to the aquarium. we had the opportunity to see many of the sea creatures that we have been learning about. We also got to see the seals being fed and a shark! It was a fantastic trip to end the year. As always the […]

Last term of school!

The children are so excited and working hard learning about their new topics this term. In Butterflies, this week, the children have been learning about British seasides and how to locate beaches around the world. In Caterpillars, they have been learning about Minibeasts. They have been pretending to be Bug Detectives and finding out about […]

Fairytale Assembly by our Caterpillars last Friday

The Caterpillars chose their topic “Fairytales” for their class assembly last Friday. I´m sure most of the parents present recognised all the stories they acted out. For this performance they acted out parts of lots of different well known Fairytales such as: Little Red Riding Hood. Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Jack and the Beanstalk. […]

Coruña British School trains at the Deportivo sports complex in Abegondo

Yesterday our children have had a special day at the Deportivo’s training grounds in Abegondo. The children did a range of activities and later had the chance to meet the football team. The team gave us a very warm welcome. They talked to the children and the staff and they even showed us that they […]

Visiting Jardiland Garden

The Nursery children, Bumblebees and Ladybirds, enjoyed a lovely morning in Jardiland Garden Centre consolidating all they have learnt in their topic of Growing Plants. They saw many, many plants including cacti, venus fly traps, elephant feet, strawberry bushes, lettuce, tomatoes and roses. There were some animals too and some children were lucky enough to […]

Butterflies´ Assembly

Our Butterflies had their second assembly on Friday and it was all about the story, Silly Suzy Goose. Suzy Goose was not happy with herself and thought that everybody else’s life was a lot better than hers. Suzy finally found out that it is better for everybody to be who they are. We are all […]

The children really enjoyed the play “Swan Lake”

Yesterday the whole School had a fantastic time at Colon Theatre. The children really enjoyed the play Swan Lake as well as going on the bus! Their behaviour was excellent and we were really proud to receive an email l from the theatre company informing us how great the children were. We hope to visit […]

Ladybirds and Bumble Bees´ First Class Assembly

Last Friday our Nursery children performed their first assembly for their parents and school friends. They sang lots of different songs full of fun and actions. The Ladybirds sang: ‘5 little monkeys’ ‘Incy wincy spider’ ‘Wheels on the bus’ The Bumble bees sang: ‘Let it go’. ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’. […]

School trip to MUNCYT

The Ladybirds and the Bumblebees went to Muncyt on Tuesday 5th April to consolidate their work on Transport. It was great fun travelling on the bus. We all behaved very well, listening to the museum guide who explained to us about aeroplanes and how they have changed over the years. We liked going inside the […]

Creativity Counts

On Saturday 2nd April, Jackie Morton, an expert on the Early Years Curriculum, visited our school to deliver training to all the staff. She spoke about why play is so important and gave us lots of ideas about play and outdoor learning. It was a great day and we hope Jackie will return to CBS […]

Today our Nursery students visit the Muncyt

Our Ladybird and Bumblebee classes are going on a trip to visit the Muncyt museum (National science and technology museum) of A Coruña. This trip is related to last terms topic of Transport. In the Muncyt museum the children will be able to see a locomotive, an aeroplane cockpit, a wing, turbine and a black […]

Maths Championship by Mr Baramuszczak

Last week 5 members of the Butterfly class participated in the Maths championship. The children and I were very nervous as this was the first time the school had represented itself in Coruna. However the nervousness was short lived and the children quickly settled into the session with ease. The children must be commended for […]

Year 1 will be participating today in the “Maths Champions” competition.

Five of our Year 1 children are taking part in the Maths Champions competition held al Montespiño School today. It’s a fun competition for 5 year olds and a good way for them to demonstrate all they have learnt this year in maths. They will have lots of different problems to solve as a team. […]

Cupcake day for charity at Coruña British School

Our last activity before the Easter holidays at Coruña British School was cupcake day. The purpose of this day was to raise funds for ArcoIris charity which is based in Peru whose aim is to give the children in their orphanage the opportunity to study and improve their living conditions. Thank you to all the […]

Cup cakes for Arco Iris charity in Perú at Coruña British School

Tomorrow Friday the 18th of March 2016 we have a charitable event at Coruña British School which will also serve as a school community get-together. This will be Easter Cup Cake Day. Parents and families of our children will be visiting their child’s classroom between 3 and 4pm and will share cupcakes with the class. […]

The World in your Hands

This Friday the Arteandando Company brings their show ‘The world in your hands’ to Coruña British School. It combines music with dance. It is directed by Carlota Perez who is also in charge of contemporary dance and choreography. The musical interpretation has been done by Jenni Rahunen who will be playing the accordion, the flute […]

World Book Day!

What a busy week! We all had such a fantastic time!!!Each class had a theme: Butterflies looked at Horrid Henry books; Caterpillars focused on the author Julia Donaldson; Ladybirds did a range of activities based on Spot books and Bumble Bees really enjoyed listening to Cat in the Hat. The children did lots of paintings, […]

Next Week Coruña British School will celebrate World Book Day!

Next week, in celebration of World Book Day, Coruña British School will be having lots of fun and taking part in a variety of activities. On Monday the 29th, Janina Ivaldi will be reading us stories from the editorial Edelvives. On Tuesday the 1st, we are very fortunate to have lots of wonderful parents coming […]

In Coruña British School we have celebrated Valentine’s Day

Bumblebee class made something special for their parents for Valentine’s Day. Caterpillars and Butterflies also made some Valentine’s cards for their parents. In Ladybird class we cut out hearts to make a Valentine card for our parents. We tried to write our names inside. We also sang a song called “I Love You”.

Happy Chinese New Year!

The children in Reception and Year 1 have been learning about Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the monkey. The children listened to the story and made lanterns. Happy Chinese New Year!

Carnival Parade 2016 at Coruna British School

Coruña British School´s first carnival celebration began with a colourful parade with music and shakers! The children wore a range of costumes from superheroes to princesses and at the parade the children had the opportunity to show off their wonderful costumes by parading around the school. It was lovely to see all the children and […]

Caterpillars: Our topic this term is toys

We have been talking about our favourite toys. Last week we learnt about toys that move. We made robots and sock puppets. This term we have been learning about construction toys

Caterpillar´s first class assembly was all about toys!

Parents and the whole school were invited to watch them sing, dance and speak clearly in English. The children first sang a song about toys, performed a robot dance and sang a song about sharing. The children also talked about different types of toys and old and new toys. With their robot hats on them, […]

Bumble bees using playdough to make a face

We have been making prints of our hands and feet and measuring them with cubes. We have been talking about the features of the face and using playdough to make a face. We also love to complete puzzles. We have been matching ‘Our Face’ puzzles, talking about our eyes, noses and mouths. Who is this? […]

The Year 1 Butterflies learn about…

Catching bugs. Going on a virtual reality walk up a mountain. Measuring push distance with our feet. Practising phonics on the computer. Seeing what thing we can push and pull. Working outside- talking about pushing and pulling –.

Ladybirds are learning about: ‘Me and My Body’

In Ladybird class we are learning about the parts of the face and body in our topic ‘Me and My Body’. We are learning how to hold a pencil correctly with our thumb and two fingers and draw a face on the whiteboard. We have been using playdough to make the features on a face. […]

Santa visits Coruña British School!

Guess who visited us yesterday? We were very lucky to have Santa visit our School. Father Christmas came and delivered special Christmas class presents to each class. The children were very excited with his visit. As they behaved very well we were fortunate enough to receive a lovely present for each class. Ladybirds were given […]

CBS’ First Christmas Concert 2015

Ladybirds as little snowflakes Bumble Bees singing hello to… Santa, Reindeers and Snowmen. Butterflies rockin around the Christmas tree! Thank you to all the parents, family members and friends for attending our first Christmas concert. A big thank you to Jenni, Dima and Andrés for dedicating their time to our school. Merry Christmas and a […]

Winter Wonderland

Butterflies had lots of fun this term learning about hot and cold countries. They also learnt about hot and cold materials as well as learning about Arctic explorers. Getting ready for Christmas… At CBS we are all really excited about christmas. The children have been busy practising for the Christmas concert aswell as making cards […]

People who help us

This term the children in Caterpillars have been learning about ´People who help us´. In Reception, the children have had lots of visitors talking about their roles in the school as well as visits from the police and librarians. The children have also had lots of fun in the role play area pretending to be […]

Early Years in Coruña British School identifying different patterns-spots, stripes and zig-zags

The children in Nursery and Reception have been working very hard this term. In Ladybird and Bumblebee classes, the children have been identifying different patterns- spots, stripes, checks and next week – zig-zags. Elmer, colourful elephant covered in coloured squares Last week they have been learning about checks and squares. In Ladybirds they have been […]

Music at Coruña British School

The children at Coruña British School (CBS) had an opportunity to learn more about different musical instruments. Jenni visited all the classes and played a range of instruments, whilst the children sang songs like, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the Bus and many more. We would all like to thank Jenni for dedicating her […]

Remembrance Day and Diwali at Coruña British School

Today we learnt about Remembrance day and the children were given a red poppy as November is the time of the year when we wear a red poppy in memory of those who sacrificed their lives for us during wars. What is Remembrance Day? Remembrance Day is on 11 November. It is a special day […]

Creativity Day at Coruña British School

At CBS we celebrated “CREATIVITY DAY” and the theme was “All around the World”. The children experienced different aspects of the arts like drawing, music, dance and theatre. The children were able to develop their creative skills whilst getting to know different cultures from all around the world. In modern dancing they have been dancing […]

End of our First Half Term and celebrating Halloween

Coruña British School´s first class assembly Today Year 1´s assembly was all about their topic ´Marvellous Me´. The children in Butterflies sang a song, spoke with confidence and showed everyone examples of their work. Well done Butterflies! Big thank you to Mr Baramuszczak and Ms Vasallo for helping the children prepare their first class assembly […]

Playtime at Coruña British School

Playtime is a very important part of our curriculum at CBS. We believe that playtimes make children happier, healthier and improve concentration in lessons. The children get the opportunity to integrate with other classes and to play with their friends and family. Playtime also promotes imagination, creativity and team building. At Coruña British School, the […]

Our first Halloween at CBS

On the 28th October 2015 Coruña British School will be celebrating Halloween for the first time. As a staff, we agreed that the children should be allowed to dress up and celebrate Halloween in a positive way while at school. Children can wear their costumes to school for the entire day. Please make sure the […]

How do we learn to read and write in Coruna British School?

Recently we spoke to the parents of students to explain our methodology with regard to literacy. Ms Jane William (Shadow Chairperson of Governors) was commissioned to explain to parents the methodology used in Coruna British School to teach students to read and write. As she explained in her presentation, Jane works as a consultant, inspecting […]

The first parents meeting to address the adjustment period

Coruna British School held a meeting for the parents of students in which Ms María Carmen Vázquez (Founder Governor) and Ms Zena Lawford (Head Teacher) explained some of the issues regarding the running of our academic institution. Ms Silvia Mesejo, our secretary, acted as a translator to ensure that no details of the talk were […]

10 tips to ensure that your child starts school on the right foot, Starting school does not have to mean a big change

We really want newly arrived students at Coruña British School to feel as comfortable as possible. Starting a new school can be a difficult task. To avoid problems settling in we have devised a list of 10 tips, that will perhaps make the change of adjusting to a new school a bit easier for the […]

Meet our team 2015-16

Chair of Governors: David Martínez Founder Governor: María Carmen Vázquez Head Teacher: Zena Lawford Head of admissions: María Guyre School Manager and School Bursar: Emilio Mañas Communication Department: Jennifer Rope Computer Department: Ana Pérez Head Secretary: Silvia Mesejo   Class: Nursery Ladybirds Teacher: Ms Botelho (Assistant Head) Teacher Assistant: Ms Toba   Class: Nursery BumbleBees Teacher: […]

Every class with it’s Mascot, do you know which is yours?

At Coruña British School every class has an assigned mascot that will accompany the students throughout their academic year. They will be their emblem and companion in the classroom. A ladybird, butterfly, bumblebee or Caterpillar…, do you want to know which cuddly toy will accompany your child in school? It is very simple. If your […]

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