Over a hundred people came to the auditorium of Afundación to learn more about the British Education methodology during the 1st Seminar on British Education: Early Years education.

La Educación Infantil, or Early Years education in the British Curriculum was the focus of the event which was led by the Head of Coruña British School: Mr. Dominic Abbott, the Senior Leader and Maths Coordinator: Mr. James Bailey and Ms. Alejandra Vasallo Head of the School Guidance Department.

With each intervention the audience where able to learn more about the British methodology, its main characteristics and advantages as well as discovering more details about Coruña British School in a fabulous video. In addition to this, Ms Vasallo revealed the philosophy, dynamics and objectives of the Guidance Department at CBS.

We apologise on behalf of Daniel Jones, Head of Education in NACE Schools and also Javier Tirapu, who due to the weather conditions in Madrid in the first case and health problems in the second, were not able to be present at this event.


09 / 02 / 18