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In our rapidly changing world, educational plays a crucial role to fully prepare today’s children for a more interconnected, complex next future.

Discover how Coruña British International School is evolving to meet this need

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Summer Camp

Every summer, Coruña British International School provides an opportunity for pupils to fully immerse themselves in the English language whilst participating in an exciting programme of sports and games, artistic and creative activities, workshops and much, much more. Summer School encourages children to practise and improve their English, whilst enjoying a great range of activities, surrounded by friends, both old and new.

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Coruña British International School

Coruña British International School, A Coruña’s first International School

Coruña British International School is a private, secular school in A Coruña. The school forms part of the prestigious international group, Globeducate, and currently offers courses from Early Years (Infant 1) to Year 4 (Year 3 of the Spanish primary system). Further cohorts will be added each year until, as each cohort progresses through the school, we will offer a complete education for every academic stage from Early Years to Pre-University (3 to 18 years). We offer a high-quality, individualised education that is designed to develop each child’s full academic and personal potential; we encourage our pupils to be curious, creative, self-disciplined and independent.

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The best British School in the city

Coruña British International School buildings were fully remodelled in 2015 and cover an area of 1800 m²; the buildings stand on a site of approximately 3200 m². The school is modern, energy-efficient and designed to fulfil all of our students’ educational needs, both during curriculum time and in terms of extracurricular activities. Our facilities include recreation and games areas, a greenhouse, a heated swimming pool, sports hall, and special zones designated for symbolic play, including a workshop, a shop and much more. Our extensive, purpose-built facilities enable us to provide an integrated education within a stimulating learning environment designed to develop the individual skills and abilities of all our students.

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Mindfulness to regain full attention

Immersed in a time of constant distraction, rushing and stress, mindfulness invites children, educators and parents to practice breathing and relaxation with one objective: to recover our capacity for mindfulness. Educating from within is an essential task, because this is how children internalise who they are and who they can become. A conscious and fulfilling […]

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Child autonomy as a shared responsibility

In literal terms, heteronomy is understood as the inevitable submission to an external power. This power can be legal, social, labour, family… However, child psychology also explains that all human beings are born as heteronomous beings. And this simply means that when babies are born they naturally depend on an adult to carry out the […]

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How to teach children to think

“I know that there is only one freedom: the freedom of thought”, said the author of The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Educating a child is a path of light and some shadows, and although most of us try to do it in the best possible way, relying also on teachers, we have to be […]

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Empowering their STEM skills

“We cannot sustain an innovative economy unless we have people who are well trained in science, mathematics and engineering,” Bill Gates. When we talk about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) skills, we beforehand refer to the most important fields in the face of an increasingly technological future. Robotisation, the paradigm of technological development and […]

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“In a career spanning 25 years and residing and working in 7 countries across the world parents often ask me, ‘What makes a great international school?’ My answer is it’s the people who make up each learning community reach this lofty goal of greatness.

From our very special children who strive each day to do their best to be their best. To the teachers and teaching assistant who never accept anything less than excellence for themselves and their charges. To the administrative staff and auxiliary staff who know they are part of something quite special when working with delightful and inquisitive children. To the student’s parents who support and contribute so widely to our whole community. To Globeducate, who place educational excellence at the heart of their mission.

Coupled with outstanding facilities and learning environments I believe we have a great international school.”

Dominic Abbott

Head of School

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